Our Longhorns

We have been breeding Longhorns at Red House Farm since 1996.

 Longhorn Heifers Rosie & Renie with calves Amy & Angel from a painting by Rex Nicholls

Longhorns in our fields
Longhorns in Red House Farm Field in Glaisdale
Our Cow Shed
New Calf 2019
Glaisdale Jasmine (19610/J0653)
Born: 03/12/2009
Sire: Shugborough Benbow(911)
Dam: Glaisdale Chance(10678/C0653)
Glaisdale Ivy (17059/I0653)
Born: 22/02/2008
Sire: Shugborough Benbow (911)
Dam: Glaisdale Chance (10678/C0653)
Glaisdale Holly (15304/H0653)
Born: 09/01/2007
Sire: Shugborough Benbow (911)
Dam: Glaisdale Chance (10678/C0653)
Glaisdale  FoxGlove (14175/G0653)
Born: 02/01/2006
Sire: Wellhead Sparrowhawk (7356)
Dam: Glaisdale Chance (10678/C0653)
Glaisdale Dancer (11437/D0653)
Born: 20/04/2003
Sire: Llantrothy Kestrel (3698)
Dam: Glaisdale Amy (7926)
Glaisdale Elderberry(12950/E0653)
Born: 21/11/2004
Sire: Raincliffe Walter (9613)
Dam: Glaisdale Amy(7926)
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Tom & Sandra Spashett
Red House Farm
Glaisdale, Whitby
YO21 2PZ 

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